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In our team, we have all experienced life without electricity and access to clean cooking fuel while growing in Africa. And just like millions of other Africans, we had to rely on electricity-generating sets, kerosine lanterns, torch lights, candles & firewood as an alternative to the epileptic energy situation in Africa.

This experience inspired our co-founder Tolulope Amusat to conduct his bachelor’s thesis about a feasibility study on the use of biogas as an alternative energy source for rural electrification of a local government in Ibadan, Nigeria. He identified the huge renewable energy potential of our primary target market (Nigeria). This is the point when Tolulope approached us (Adom Amoah, Mukhtar Abubakar, Hendrix Lando, Lionel Ilunga) to leverage our diverse engineering background to collectively tackle the energy problem in Africa.

According to data from the International Energy Agency (in 2022), there are 770 Million people without access to electricity worldwide (of that 77% live in sub-Saharan Africa).  Additionally, 2.5 billion people are reported to be without access to clean cooking fuel globally. Furthermore, 2.5 million premature deaths occur per year due to household air pollution, mostly from cooking smoke, in the world (with about ½ a million deaths in sub-Saharan Africa, with women and children being the worst affected). We at Pamodzi believe we have a moral obligation to help solve this problem.

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